About Me

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I am the creator of the products you see on my website.  I provide a very unique and personal service because when you shop with me, I am the only person you will deal with, from initial enquiries through to packaging and shipping.  

I design and make all my kits myself so I can tailor my products to your individual needs.  If you need something different, or are not sure what you need, all you need to do is ask.  Contact Us

Where it all started

I trained to be a Landscape Architect and worked in the industry for 8 years before being made redundant.  To be honest, I fancied a change anyway. Putting yet another footpath through a park is only fun the first time and although I enjoyed designing planting schemes I craved more job satisfaction and the ability to be more creative.  Council budgets were never very big.

I had always been interested in dolls houses and miniature furniture and it was a natural progression to try turning my hobby into something more.  I had already started JS Miniatures, my first website, well before I was made redundant, working in the evenings and at weekends to make up orders.  

I started out making fireplaces for 1/12th scale dolls houses and realised that adding lights would bring the extra realism they needed and the rest as they say, is history!

A chance conversation with some miniaturists made me realise that what I could provide had a much wider scope, especially for smaller scales.  There was very little available for the very tiny dolls houses (1/48th & 1/144th) so I designed an easy to use lighting kit and that's when the lighting side really started to take off.

I retired my original JS Miniatures website in 2018 to focus on Small Scale Lights which covers all types of hobby lighting, including an expanding range of electronics kits for special effects including a light house beacon, lighting and sound effects.


How does it all come together?

When you order a product or kit through the website you can be confident that a lot of thought has gone into it, from the initial design conception to the manufacture and packaging.  Everything that I can make myself, I do.  

I have a small home office / workshop where I make my products from initial prototypes to final kits.  I use a temperature controlled soldering iron, high quality lead free solder and have a very good extractor for all the solder fume.  

Kits quite often come about through customer requests and because I make them myself, I can easily customise LEDs or kits to your requirements and I am more than happy to do so.

Most LEDs and kits are made to order so it's easy to tailor them to you, should you need a custom length of wire or a different voltage.

Because I make everything myself, quality control is very high.  Each LED or kit is fully tested before packing away in ESD or plastic bags, depending on the product, then most orders are dispatched in a small large letter box inside a plastic mailing bag so nothing gets wet during shipping.  Not a good idea for electronics!

Some items are sent in small bubble envelopes if they're small and not at risk of damage.