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Nano Chip LEDs

  • 0603 Nano SMD Chip LEDs - plastic coated wire

    Pre-wired 0603 LEDs with magnet wire and resistor ready for installation into your project. Simply install and connect to the battery or power supply. These tiny Nano LEDs are perfect for a whole range of projects and because they are so small can fit...

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  • 0605 Nano Bi-Colour LEDs

    Pre-wired 0605 bi-coloured LEDs with plastic coated stranded wire and resistor ready for installation into your project. They are so small can fit into the tiniest of spaces. Comes with three wires - a common anode and two cathodes which you can connect...

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  • Nano SMD Chip LEDs

    Tiny pre-wired Nano Chip LEDs for a whole range of uses including lighting smaller scale houses as well as uses in 1/12th scale such as a light inside a fridge or cooker or for scale models such as model space ships and vehicles. These are tiny nano chip...

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