1/48th Scale Lighting Kit - Tufty Burrows

Small Scale Lights

Kit Contains:
7 x warm white LEDs & 1 x red LED
3v AAA battery box with "plug and go" connector
LED Dimensions:
1.6 x 0.9mm x 0.8mm thick (0603 SMD)
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A lighting kit containing 3v Nano chip LEDs for 1/48th scale houses which contains all you need to light Tufty Burrows fusion dolls house kit

Kit contains:

  • 7 x warm white nano chip LEDs
  • 1 x red nano chip LED
  • 1 x 3v AAA battery box
  • Simple 'plug in and go' connector
  • Full step by step PDF instructions

Photos show warm white & red chip LEDs.

These chip LEDs come pre-wired with plastic coated wire. This wire is thin but strong and so can be easily hidden. 

These chips will be supplied with a tiny 1.5mm dia resistor. Using resistors increases the lifespan of the battery and the LEDs and will provide consistent results.