10 Amp Spring Connector Quick Clamp Connector Block **Pack of 5**

10A Quick Block
Pack size:
5 blocks
10 Amp
20x27x13.5 mm
These are easier to use than screw connector blocks but they are bigger and slightly less secure
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Pack of 5 connector blocks.  

Very easy to use but slightly less secure than the alternative screw terminal blocks

Quick clamp system - push down the clamp, insert the battery wires to one side and the LED wires to the other matching red to red and black to black. Let go of the clamp to secure.

  • 10 amp spring clamp quick connector blocks
  • Polythene construction. Easily sub-divided.
  • Voltage rating: 250 V, Maximum temperature: 150oC
  • AWG: 20-12
  • Dimensions: 20x27x13.5 mm (0.79x1.06x0.53 inch) 
  • Wire Range: 0.5-3.5mm², support for flexible wires, hard wires, single wire and multi-stranded silicone lines 


  1. Press the spring clip 
  2. Insert wires - match + and - (see photo)
  3. Release the press clip