2 x 3mm Breathing LED Kit for Warhammer 40k

Small Scale Lights

Kit Contains:
2 x 3mm Breathing/Fading LEDs and coin battery holder with on/off switch
Breathing LEDs (Green pauses between fades, the other colours are smooth)
Wire length:
8 inches (20cm) with resistor half way along
See below for video showing effect
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A very easy to use lighting kit for Warhammer 40,000 models including 3mm Breathing/Fading LEDs and a 3 volt battery holder with on/off switch.

I usually solder the resistor onto the wire, about half way along so it's not adding bulk to the LED for fitting into tight spaces, but if you are installing into a bigger model or vehicle, such as a tank - Rhino, Predator etc, then the resistor can be placed on the leg of the LED so that bending the wiring is easier. You can choose this option from the drop down menu.

Kit includes:

  • 2 x 3mm Breathing LEDs in choice of colour
  • 1 x 3v coin cell battery holder with mini on/off switch
  • 1 x connector block & heat shrink tubing
  • Optional: Add LED clips for headlights (see photo for example)

***Please Note: I'm very sorry but due to Royal Mail Regulations coin cell batteries can not be sent through the post so a battery can not be included with your order.****

Simply decide where you want the LEDs and either drill a hole or place in an existing hole, glue the LEDs in place and connect the LED wires to the battery wires. The mini on/off switch can be placed on a hatch or inconspicuous place on the model and a hole drilled for the switch to pop through then glued in place. The coin cell battery is small enough to be easily hidden inside the model.

LED clips can be used to neaten the headlights and allows the LED to simply clip into place.

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