3M Magic Tape (Writable Tape)

3M MagicTape
19mm x 33m
Writable tape for using over fine wires in projects. Paint over the top for an almost invisible finish.
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3M Magic Tape

Frosty on the roll but invisible on paper, Scotch Magic Tape features the original matte-finish design.  It has a gentle adhesive so you can stick then re-stick each piece as your project demands.  It is writable tape so you can use over finer wires and then paint over the top for an almost invisible finish.


Size: 19mm x 33m

How to use: 

Perfect for covering over fine wires in smaller scale projects, cut a piece to length to cover the wire, stick over the length of wire so the sticky side is facing upwards, then stick to your ceiling or model part and smooth down firmly.  The tape should be almost invisible, merging into the surface it's placed onto.

It is writable tape so you can paint your finish over the top and the tape will be almost invisible.

It can be repositioned before painting and doesn't break down, dry out or leave a very sticky residue like masking tape does.  I have had the tape on projects for years and it's still in the same condition as when I placed it.