5mm Pre-wired High Brightness LED

Small Scale Lights

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Medium LEDs that are very bright for their size. These 5mm LEDs are high power so nice and bright.

  • 60 degree viewing angle
  • Standard 5mm LED
  • High brightness
  • Can be battery powered or run off a 12v DC supply
  • Choice of colours

Individual ones work great off a 3 volt coin battery (2032) but if you want to run a few together or of different colours then it's best to use our 2 x AAA battery kit. These are provided with a resistor wired in to ensure both the LED and battery last longer. The resistor is usually near the plug end to unsure it doesn't get in the way.

If you wish to mix both solid and flashing LEDs off a coin cell battery it is best to run them off separate batteries otherwise the solid LEDs will flash. Alkaline batteries are unaffected.

Available options:
10" of Red & Black wire (1mm dia) - standard length is 10
" but longer lengths available on request

10" of White wire (1mm dia) - standard length is 10" but longer lengths available on request

Also available in a 6 volt, 9 volt and 12 volt option (with resistor wired in). Please select from the drop down menu.