2 x AAA (3 volt) Battery box with switch

3 volt
Not Included
64mm long x 26mm wide x 15.5mm high
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2 x AAA (3 volt) battery box with cover and on/off switch.

Suitable for our 3 volt LEDs in any size.


  • Screw terminal connector block
  • Battery holder dimensions: 64mm long x 26mm wide x 15.5mm high

A very neat little box providing a 3 volt supply and comes with an integrated on/off switch on the box.

- Power more than 10 LEDs and they will be much brighter than with a CR2032 coin cell battery.
- Power different coloured leds off the same battery without any issues with brightness.

Supplied with 150mm (6") wire (red & black) and a screw terminal connector block for ease of wiring.