Heat shrink tubing

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Shrink Ratio:
500mm (0.5m)
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Comes in three sizes with a 2:1 shrink ratio:

  • 1.6mm shrinks to 0.8mm - used to protect joins to LEDs and 1-2 very thin wires
  • 2.4mm shrinks to 1.2mm - used to protect joins of more than 2 wires
  • 3.2mm shrinks to 1.6mm - used to protect joins of more than 2 wires or over larger resistors
  • 4.8mm shrinks to 2.4mm - used to protect joins of several wires or over larger resistors

Heat shrink tubing prevents short circuits and should be used to protect any exposed wires. For dolls houses you generally only need small lengths.
It can be easily shrunk down in size using either a embossing heat gun or a hairdryer. Starts shrinking at 70oC and fully shrunk at 115oC
Apply heat for a few seconds and you will see the tube shrink down in size. It's best to move the heat gun or hairdryer around so all parts of the tubing are heated for even shrinkage.
Once it's shrunk it's very difficult to get it off so please be sure you've tested your LEDs and everything is working before shrinking it. If you do need to remove it carefully cut the tubing with a sharp craft knife applying gentle pressure along the length. Scissors can be used if there's more room.

Sold individually in 0.5m lengths. Choose from the drop down menu.

Available in red & black

Other uses:
Use a small piece to cover the sides of an LED to cut down all side light
Use pieces to keep loose cables tidy (doesn't have to be shrunk for this)
Use with fibre optic cable to sheath the fibres and also hold the fibre optic cable onto the top of your LED.