Mini Flexible LED Strip - 12v

25mm (1 inch) long
8mm wide x 2mm deep
LED Type:
3014 SMD LED
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Mini pre-wired warm white LED strip with 3 LEDs but is only 2.5cm long. Perfect for N gauge carriage lighting or buildings. They run off a 12 volt DC regulated transformer or a 9v PP3 battery but 9v option will be dimmer.

  • 3 LED strip of 2.5cm long (1 inch)
  • Wide angle, 120 degree LEDs
  • strip 8mm wide by 2mm deep
  • Bend radius of 20mm
  • LED type: SMD 3014
  • Splashproof

12 volt option wires in directly. For 9 volt option you will need a 9v battery snap. You can run one or two strips off the one 9v/PP3 battery but the more strips you connect the quicker the battery will run down.

They come pre-wired with 30cm of standard wire or 50cm of white twin core wire. Longer lengths available on request.