Regulated 12vdc, 1amp plug in power supply

12 volt
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A regulated 12 volt DC transformer for powering LEDs or bulbs off of a mains socket with 2.1mm DC output connector which fits our 2.1mm screw terminal line socket allowing easy connection to LEDs. High quality and high reliability with built in overload, over current and short circuit protection.

Voltage output is 1 amp maximum. This would safely power up to 40 of our individual LEDs off the one supply. (Only 20 standard filament bulbs @50mA)

  • Input: 100 to 240V
  • Current: 1.0 Amps (max)
  • 12w output power
  • C +ve 2.1mm DC output connector
  • 1.4m long mains cable
  • Dimensions: 85(L) x 50(W) x 35(D)mm
  • Digital switching
  • Regulated power supply
  • Overload and short circuit protected
  • Meet CEC Energy Efficiency Level IV
  • CE approved

Transformers: The transformers we supply are modern and compact digital switching (switch-mode) power supplies. These plug top versions are far superior to cheaper transformers giving improved reliability, efficiency, low noise and long life.

For powering LEDs it is very important to use a regulated DC power supply. These digital transformers can handle a wide range of loadings while providing a constant supply to the LEDs ensuring long life of the bulbs. A regulated power supply prevents power spikes which could cause a LED bulb to fail.