0805 Chip LED

Small Scale Lights

2mm x 1.25mm x 0.5mm deep (0805 SMD)
Plastic coated wire, 0.2mm dia
As chosen plus 5-8cm std wire
Sold Individually
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These tiny LEDs are known as surface mount LEDs, SMD LEDs or chip LEDs and are so small they are perfect for micro miniatures such as model cars, scenics, railways, model railway buildings and other tiny models. They are very bright for their size.

These chip LEDs come with a resistor pre-wired in to both extend the life of the LED and the battery. 

They come pre-wired with either 3-4 inches of ultra fine wire and 2" of standard wire, or they can be extended to 8 inches with standard 10/0.1 wire as shown in the photo (wire is 1mm dia).

They run off batteries and you can hook up several to the same battery. You can run up to 10 LEDs from the same CR2032 coin battery but they must be the same colour (* see note below). I also recommend using a connector block for more consistent results with multiple LEDs.

***I have done extensive testing and I recommend the following for 3v chip LEDs:

For LEDs of the same colour, up to 5 in number a coin battery holder or up to 10 in number a 2x AAA battery box will be suitable.

For running different colours with the same battery use a 2x AAA battery box OR use one coin cell holder for each colour.

For running more than 5 LEDs use a 2 x AAA battery box or buy multiple batteries (quantity is often limited by how many wires you can twist together) Click here for Battery options