Ultra Nano SMD Chip LED with magnet wire

Small Scale Lights

1 x 0.3mm x 0.5mm thick (0401/0402 SMD)
Enamel Coated wire, 0.2mm dia
As chosen plus 5-8cm litz wire

Temporarily out of stock

Ultra tiny, Pico sized, pre-wired Nano Chip LEDs for a whole range of uses including lighting smaller scale houses as well as uses in 1/12th scale such as a light inside a fridge or cooker or for scale models such as model space ships and vehicles.

These are really tiny nano chip LEDs that are incredibly bright for their size. They have very fine enamel coated (magnet) wire soldered to them so they can fit into the tiniest of spaces.

  • Chip dimensions: 1 x 0.3mm x 0.5mm thick (0401 SMD)
  • Wire thickness: 0.1mm (like thick hair)
  • Wire length: 16-30cm (see options)

The resistor is wired inline onto the end of one of the enamel coated wire and 2" of standard stranded wire is soldered to the ends of each wire for easy connection to your battery or power supply.