0807 Flickering Pre-wired Chip LED

Small Scale Lights

2mm x 1.8mm x 1.1mm deep (0807 SMD)
15cm thin wire + 5-8cm Litz wire
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0807 SMD Chip Self Flickering LEDs which are perfect for smaller projects such as OO or N Gauge railways or Warhammer kits. They have a special integrated chip so no external circuitry is required. A realistic candle effect.

  • 0807 SMD pre-wired flashing LED (2.0mm x 1.2mm size approx)
  • Flickering effect
  • Choice of voltage
  • 15cm of thin wire + 5-8cm litz wire

These are provided with a resistor wired in to ensure both the LED and battery last longer. The resistor is usually near the plug end to unsure it doesn't get in the way.

For 3v you can use either a CR2032 or 2 x AAA battery kit but if you are using more than 4-5 LEDs in your circuit you would be best using our 2 x AAA battery kit to ensure nice and bright LEDs and consistent results.

Also available in a 4.5 volt, 6 volt, 9 volt and 12 volt option (with resistor wired in). Please select from the drop down menu.

***Please Note: If you wish to mix both solid and flashing LEDs from a coin cell battery you must run them off separate batteries otherwise there will be carryover of flash to the solid LEDs. AAA batteries are generally unaffected***

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