Chip LED Kit for Warhammer 40k

Small Scale Lights

Kit Contains:
2 x 0805 Chip LEDs and coin battery holder with on/off switch
Alternative Kit:
Warhammer Knight Armiger Lighting Kit
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A very easy to use lighting kit for Warhammer 40k models including 0805 chip LEDs and a 3 volt battery with on/off switch. Ideal for lighting up eyes and other similar small lights

Kit includes:

  • 2 x 0805 chip LEDs in choice of colour
  • 1 x 3v coin cell battery holder with mini on/off switch
  • 1 x connector block & heat shrink tubing
  • PDF Instructions

***Please Note: I'm very sorry but due to Royal Mail Regulations coin cell batteries can not be sent through the post so a battery can not be included with your order.****

Simply decide where you want the LEDs and either drill a hole or place in an existing hole, glue the LEDs in place and connect the LED wires to the battery wires. The mini on/off switch can be placed on a hatch or inconspicuous place on the model and a hole drilled for the switch to pop through then glued in place. The battery is small enough to be easily hidden inside the model.

If you need a smaller kit then try the Knight Armiger Lighting Kit