Warhammer Knight Armiger Lighting Kit

Small Scale Lights

Kit Contains:
2 x Nano LEDs or 1 x 3mm LED
30mm dia with coin cell holder
Fits perfectly inside the Armiger or War Dog Knights
(or other similar or larger knights)
CR2032 battery (not included)
Kit is best installed while the head and face are still separate as it's easier to drill the eye hole(s) and fit the LEDs correctly.
Alternative Kit:
Chip LED Kit for Warhammer
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Custom lighting kit with tiny board for a CR2032 coin cell battery and switch to fit inside the tiny compartment of the Armiger or War Dog knights.

Kits for both the two eye or single eye heads.


  • 3mm LED or 2 x Nano LEDs (choose from options)
  • 30mm board with coin cell holder, resistors and tiny slide switch
  • Requires a CR2032 battery (not included)
  • Fits perfectly inside the body of the knight
  • Very easy to use. Just drill holes for the 'eyes' & wiring, glue into the head and insert a battery!
  • PDF Instructions

***Please Note: I'm very sorry but due to Royal Mail Regulations coin cell batteries can not be sent through the post so a battery can not be included with your order.****