Grass Mat - 1/48th Scale / O Gauge

Heki Scenics

OO/O Gauge & 1/48th
Mid green, mixed shade grass
14cm x 14cm approx

Temporarily out of stock

A very realistic grass mat for OO/O Gauge & 1/48th scale. Can be trimmed to shape with scissors. Very easy to use, just stick down with PVA glue. I have used this several times myself and it is a very good quality grass mat from Heki Scenics.

Sold in small quantities to suit one to two gardens depending on size.


  • Piece of grass mat suitable for 1-2 gardens (14cm x 14cm approx)
  • Grass length 2-3mm
  • Mid green, mixed shade grass
  • Sold in small quantities suitable for one or two projects
  • For 1/48th scale or O/OO Gauge

How to use:
Paint an earth colour underneath where you are placing the grass and leave to dry. Cut the grass mat to the required shape and size and trial fit in place. Spread PVA glue over the area to be turfed and lay the grass mat over the top. Press down and leave to dry. You can trim any edges or stray pieces with scissors after the glue has dried.