Regulated 3v - 12v adjustable plug in power supply

This product has been discontinued by the supplier
76.5 x 43 x 33mm
1 Amp
12 watts

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A regulated voltage adjustable transformer for powering LEDs or bulbs off of a mains socket. Voltage can be set to 3vdc, 4.5vdc, 5vdc, 6vdc, 7.5vdc, 9vdc or 12vdc. Each voltage output is 1 amp maximum. This would safely power up to 50 individual LEDs off the one supply (Only 20 standard filament bulbs).

  • Input: 100 to 240V
  • Current: 1 Amp (max)
  • 12w output power
  • Digital switching
  • Regulated power supply
  • Range of adaptors
  • Dimensions of casing: 76.5x43x33mm
  • CE approved

Transformers: The transformers we supply are modern and compact digital switching (switch-mode) power supplies. These plug top versions are far superior to cheaper transformers giving improved reliability, efficiency, low noise and long life.

For powering LEDs it is very important to use a regulated DC power supply. These digital transformers can handle a wide range of loadings while providing a constant supply to the LEDs ensuring long life of the bulbs. A regulated power supply prevents power spikes which could cause a LED bulb to fail. It is also useful for our flickering fire effects where the voltage stability prevents the rest of your lights from flickering.