Remote Control/Infrared Lighting Kit

Small Scale Lights

Kit Contains:
6 Lights in basic kit
Pre-programmed PCB
4.5v battery box with on/off switch
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A pre-programmed kit to remotely control lights in a model buildings, dolls houses or other model scenery. Kit contains LEDs, pre-programmed PCB, infrared sensor, TV style remote and 4.5v battery box with on/off switch.

  • 6 pre-wired LEDs in basic kit (other quantities available)
  • pre-programmed PCB. Just connect the battery and LED wires
  • 4.5v battery box with on/off switch
  • individual on/off of all outputs
  • Full PDF instructions
  • custom kits available with more LEDs for additional cost

Custom kits can be designed to your layout. Please email me.

PCB can support up to 8 outputs, each output supporting a set of lights. Up to 25 lights in total, spread between sets (eg 3 lights in each set). Remote will turn sets of lights off and on or you can turn the whole lot off or on at once.

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