Train Headlight / Tail light Module

4-24v AC/DC/DCC
Current Consumption:
Digital & Analogue
PCB Size:
L x W 11 x 8mm and height with components 3.5mm

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Headlight or tail light module for train passenger cars or freight wagons. Suitable for running off digital or analogue tracks with a choice of size of LED to suit different scales of loco.

The module provides voltage regulation which enables you to operate in direct current or alternating current while ensuring a constant luminous intensity when the driving voltage changes.

Technical specifications:

  • For digital and analog tracks
  • Alternating voltage 4 - 24V AC
  • DC voltage 4 - 24V DC
  • Current consumption: 20mA
  • PCB size approx. LxW 11x8mm and height with components 3.5mm
  • Choice of LED size