Tank Turret Rotation Control

Small Scale Lights

Kit Contains:
Control board and 9g servo
Compact design - 22mm x 30mm
9g Hextronic Servo
Battery box:
4.5v AAA with on/off switch
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If you want to bring your tank to life, this is the perfect product. This kit contains a small circuit board with microchip which has been pre-programmed to control a 9g servo (micro servo) to control your tank turret through 90 degree rotation.

Kit includes:

  • 9g Hextronic servo (35mm wide incl fixing lugs x 35mm high x 15mm deep)
  • Pre-programmed circuit board to control servo
  • 4.5v AAA battery box with on/off switch
  • No servo kick on start up

Kit is ready to go but needs to be installed into your own tank. Some modifications to the tank may be necessary.

See product videos for a customer video from Damon Anderson of the servo in operation in a Forge World Sicarian Battle tank


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