LED Kit for the Tena Controls 1/350 Enterprise A (Refit) Board

Kit Contains:
All LEDs for the Tena Controls Bluetooth PCB (PCBs NOT Included)
1/350 Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit (Model not included)
This is a component only kit. Soldering is required as per the Tena Controls instructions
Also suitable:
for the Mega PCB and may suit other PCB kits for the Enterprise
Kit includes::
See description below
LED Strip:
Optional extra if you don't already have it or want to source elsewhere
If using with other PCBs:
different resistors may be required so contact me first
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This is a pack of LEDs for the Tena Controls Bluetooth/Mega Board for the 1/350 Scale Polar Lights Enterprise A Refit model.  Model or PCB boards not included.

Kit contains:

  • 5mm Bi-colour LEDs - Blue/Yellow (Amber) x2
  • 3mm Red LED (Torpedo)
  • 3mm White LED (Phaser)
  • 3mm White LEDs (Shuttle Bay Interior) & resistors x5
  • 3mm Yellow LEDs (Thrusters) x10
  • 0805 LEDs - Yellow (Thrusters) x2
  • 1.8mm LED - Red & resistor (Shuttle Bay Landing Assist)
  • 0805 LED - White & resistor (Aft Tractor beam)
  • 3mm LEDs - White & resistors (Strobe LEDs) x4 (effect from PCB in Tena Controls kit)
  • 3mm LEDs - Red (Navigation) x2
  • 3mm LEDs - Green (Navigation) x2
  • 3mm LEDs - White (Navigation) x4
  • 3mm LEDs - White (Bottom saucer dome) x3
  • 1.8mm LED - Yellow & resistor (Plasma Deflection side)
  • 5mm LED - Blue & Resistor (Plasma Deflection side)
  • 0805 LED - Yellow & resistors (Navigation Deflector Dish) x4
  • 3mm LEDs - White & resistors (Exterior Deck Illumination) x2
  • 3mm LEDs - White & resistors (Raytheon Lighting) x2
  • 3mm LEDs - White & resistors (Pylon Lighting) x5
  • 3mm LEDs - White & resistors (Front Nacelle) x4
  • 0805 LED - White & 470ohm resistor (Bridge Light for Registry)
  • 3mm LEDs - White (Sequential Landing Lights) x10
  • 5mm LEDs - Red (Impulse Engines) x2
  • Spares for all LEDs
  • 470 ohm 0.6 watt resistors x 35
  • 0.5Amp wire - red & black - 10m
  • Heat shrink tubing - Red and Black - 2 x 1.6mm & 2 x 2.4mm of each
  • Connector block strip

Optional (If you wish to source elsewhere or already have LED strip don't tick the box)

  • 12v LED strip - White x 1.5m
  • 12v LED strip - Blue x 40cm

Please note: This is components only.  You will need to solder the LEDs as per the instructions that come with the PCB from Tena Controls.